About the blog…


This blog started as “Stammered Life”, taken from a Buechner phrase that “His holy story is stammering itself out in our lives”. It seemed to fit, given all the bouts of weakness in my life, and my interest in weakness itself as a “God-attractor” in the gospel story. But I wasn’t easy with the emphasis on His story being revealed firstly in me, rather than the Word. There’s truth in Buechner’s statement, but it’s not the truth I most want to emphasize in this blog.

My heart’s greatest fascination is in the unfolding of redemption and the stunning work of our Great Rescuer. This blog isn’t about me keeping my promises — to my shame, I haven’t done that — it’s about all the promises kept and fulfilled in Him. Jesus Christ is worthy of all our delight and adoration and hope.

So we’ll concentrate on Him, and on the gospel.

I’ll still stammer; so will this blog. Irregular posts. Some ideas not always fully formed. Weakness in abundance. And it’s all cool, because that’s a mirror of my life, and because the Great Hobby is tracing out in Scripture and in experience how God shows his power in weakness and uses infants to defeat his enemies (Psalm 8).

If you’ve got the gospel all figured out, you won’t enjoy it here. But if every day you’re amazed at mercy, astounded at your own sin, humbled by grace, stupefied by the gospel, and blown away by Jesus… you’ve come to the right place.


About me…

I’m a much loved child, bought in the Great Rescue. I love the Rescuer, but not nearly as much as I should, or shall.

Tim Keller has spoken of learning the truth that “if I live by preaching, I will die.” It has taken me nearly thirty years of preaching and pastoring to begin to learn that. A lot of idolatry lives around that kind of identity-pride, and my Father has shown much of that to me. It’s sweet to learn and then to live in the gospel. Jesus is a hero for the weak and a Saviour of sinners, and his purposes do not fail.

Today, I live in beautiful BC, Canada with my wife and daughter, both of whom are lovely and amazing. My income right now is in editing, our engagement is within a church full of people that love God, and my heart is in the gospel. I don’t know where we’ll live next year, but we’re headed home.

Tom Rush

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