I don’t really know who reads my blog, nor how many. I know of a handful; maybe there are more. So I don’t know if most of you are the type to have Brant Hansen’s Kamp Krusty in your Reader. You really should. He’s brilliant, humorous, and piercingly thoughtful. While I have seriously disagreed with him several times, I’ve never regretted reading his blog (except once, and we won’t go there). In fact, awaiting a new post is an anticipation to be savored.

And occasionally, he writes something like this, that should be seared into our souls as all the stories are told.

Go read it. Please.

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2 Comments on “Unresolved:”

  1. M.E. Says:

    Hello, T.J.!

    I followed your link from Brant’s site. Just wanted to give another thumbs up to Brant’s blog and say I appreciate your insights as well.

    Cheers! 🙂

  2. promiseskept Says:

    Hey M.E. Thanks for visiting, and thanks for the encouragement. I went over and checked out your blog, and you’ve got some good stuff there.

    I’ll be visiting again!

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