Him we proclaim

My review of Total Church has been sidelined by a calamity: I’ve lost the book. I can’t begin to tell you how embarrassing and disastrous this is. I’ve never done such a thing before — to lose a book! I can’t believe this. I would have thought I’d sooner lose a finger. And to lose a book I was enjoying so much. If it was some mediocre drivel, I wouldn’t care…but it was outstanding! This is utterly humiliating and shaming.

Not to mention the extra mortification of having to re-order it from Europe, as it’s still not sold here.


I think I might have left it at a coffee shop where I met with one of the pastors here. I hope somebody is getting a good read out of it.

Ahh, it’s amazing that such self-frustration can live with the egocentrism that is I (actually, understanding idolatry, it isn’t that amazing after all; my self-idolatry just keeps letting me down… as all idolatries do).

Anyway, to hold us, two things this morning:

1. Head over to The Gospel Driven church and read Jared’s 5 Reasons for Sermon-Centric worship. Many of these thoughts seemed to me to harmonize with thoughts I was reading in the first section of Total Church. Once again, Gospel Driven is a good resource!

2. A great quote from Whitefield:

When a poor soul is somewhat awakened by the terrors of the Lord, then the poor creature, being born under the covenant of works, flies directly to a covenant of works again. And as Adam and Eve hid themselves… and sewed fig leaves… so the poor sinner, when awakened, flies to his duties and to his performances, to hide himself from God, and goes to patch up a righteousness of his how. Says he, I will be might good now — I will reform — I will do all I can; and then certainly Jesus Christ will have mercy on me.

–“Select Sermons of George Whitefield” (London: Banner of Truth, 1958), pp. 81-83, as quoted by Dennis Johnson in “Him We Proclaim” footnote p.57.

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2 Comments on “Him we proclaim”

  1. Steve Burlew Says:

    Ahhhh, Whitefield! You might be interested in one of the books that we just republished, “The Life and Times of George Whitefield,” one volume by Robert Philip. And, oh yes, sorry about the lost book. Seriously, if it happened to be a Banner book, I probably would have just sent you a new copy! Grace & peace. Steve B.

  2. promiseskept Says:

    Steve, I’m thinking we might rejoice in the smallness of the trickle of readers this young blog gets; otherwise I’m sure your generous comment could be met with lots of “Hey, Steve, let me tell you about the Banner set I lost!” and “I left Charnock on the GO train”.

    Let me affirm my credentials as an appreciator of both Whitefield and Banner: to this day, one of my best-loved reading memories is still Dallimore’s 2 vols biography of Whitefield. I love reading of God’s work in that man, and I”ll be sure to pick up the new volume by Philip.


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