Wanted: more legalism

Found this great quote at “The Gospel-Driven Church” blogsite. Again, you should read the whole article, and look over several others while you’re there. Good stuff!

Here’s a partial quote to whet your appetite:

I have for a while believed that the generic Osteenish faith of popular Christianity is really just legalism warmed over. That seems counterintuitive, because the smiling face that self-help “Christianity” puts on evangelicalism claims to be setting followers free from rules and judgmental religion. But really, by making discipleship about helpful hints and positive power for successful living, it’s really just making a works religion in our new image. In an odd twist, the Oprah-ization of the faith is really just optimistic legalism. Because what is Pharisaical legalism, really, but self-help with bad p.r.?

And people love this stuff. They want to be told religion is not about rules and regulations while at the same time being told each week which four steps (with helpful alliteration) they need to do in order to achieve maximum what-have-you. They want to be reassured that works don’t merit salvation while at the same time convinced salvation is about trying really hard to do things that unlock the power or secret of God’s such-and-such. (And I’ve never seen what is such Good News about following a list of instructions in order to button-push God into granting me His favor.)

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2 Comments on “Wanted: more legalism”

  1. Wow-good stuff. Thanks for the link. I’ll be linking to it myself in the next few days. I’ve looked around and really like your blog. If you’ll excuse the mild irony on a post like this–Keep up the good work!

  2. promiseskept Says:

    Thank you, Milton. It’s an honor and an encouragement to hear from you; your writing at “Transforming Sermons” has been a gift and blessing to me. I should have commented there a hundred times already about the help and encouragement I’ve found over the months; that you would comment here shames me. More reason I’m so glad for the gospel!

    Thanks again.

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