Give me Jesus or I perish


“Come, everyone who thirsts,
come to the waters;
and he who has no money,
come, buy and eat!
Come, buy wine and milk
without money and without price.
Why do you spend your money for that which is not bread,
and your labor for that which does not satisfy?
Listen diligently to me, and eat what is good,
and delight yourselves in rich food.”
(Isaiah 55:1-2)

The food market was a collection of tables in the midst of the town square. It was a congested place, with buyers pressing their way between tables piled high with this foodstuff or that, displayed at its best in hopes of attracting a buyer’s attention. Behind the tables merchants stood, shouting their wares, “hawking” their goods, voices raised to drown out the shouts of the competition. It was a raucous, boisterous, crowded place.

But the buyers were emaciated.

Starving, they would move from table to table, desperately throwing down hard-earned coins so they could hungrily sample this food or that. While there were exclamations of delight from place to place, each exclamation drawing an excited crowd, it appeared that buyers never left the marketplace satisfied, or full. They kept milling about and buying and eating, but growing increasingly hungry, and thirsty, and desperate. For all that was sold in the marketplace was cardboard cutouts, scented wax, and beautifully tinted empty bottles.

A new merchant appeared in the midst of the square; his name was Trew. Trew set up a table that overflowed with baked goods and milk and wine and cool, clear water. He began to shout, “Stop buying what is not food. Come here! Come and eat! Come and drink! Bring no money, all is already paid for! Come, buy for free, eat and drink to your heart’s content! No limit, no fineprint, no conditions. Fine wine, fine food! Come, eat and drink! Come!”

Some people looked at him suspiciously. Others noticed that the bottles were plain, and the table old and worn, and so they disdained him. Some offered money, but when it was refused they became angry and stomped away. But some came, gingerly and doubtfully at first, and tasted…and took more and ate again…and ate, and drank…and were satisfied.

For the first time ever. Satisfied. It was good. It was very good.

They looked around at others, and saw that some would not come because Trew’s bottles were plain. So some got together and painted some very nice bottles for the wine and the water. They set the bottles up next to the table and offered them at a nice discount. It was a popular idea, and the bottle-painting business took off, and soon people clamored for the Trew-water and Trew-wine in the nice bottles, and the demand was high, and people rejoiced, and they called the bottles Trew-Bottles and sold them next to Trew’s table and people didn’t notice that they were empty bottles, for they were beautiful, and they were Trew-Bottles! And Trew still shouted for people to “Come and drink!” but some found only Trew-Bottles, and they were excited, but they were not satisfied.

And so it was reported that Trew’s water and wine did not satisfy.

Others took pity on Trew’s poor table, and decided to make a grand covered stand that could be placed near Trew’s table and would look solid and majestic and beautiful, and would attract people to come and shelter in its cover. Within the stand they placed pictures of Trew’s food, and of happy and satisfied people eating Trew’s food, and there were signs directing people to Trew’s table. Many people came, and they “Oohed” and “Aahed” over the pictures, and some went to visit Trew’s table, but others stayed and enjoyed the shade and the pictures of food and drink. They called it the Trew Stand, and so many people came that they had to make it bigger and bigger, and the sounds of sawing and hammering drowned out Trew’s voice, and few visited Trew’s table anymore, but many came to the Trew Stand. Dignitaries would visit Trew Stand and stand upon a special platform and talk about Trew’s food, and tell people that it was very, very good.  Celebrities testified to the wonderful satisfaction they’d found in Trew’s foods.  Seminars were given as to the best ways to enjoy Trew’s food and drink.  Committees were formed to make new Trew Stands in other areas of the marketplace, so others could enjoy hearing about what Trew’s food was like.  And crowds listened.  They  were given Trew Bottles if they were thirsty, and pictures of Trew’s food if they were hungry, and scented wax Trew Food Souvenirs.

But they were not satisfied.

And so it was reported that Trew’s food did not satisfy.

And some would come hungry, searching for the man in the marketplace who offered bread and milk and wine and water without price. And they found many who would talk about Trew’s food. They found choirs who would sing about Trew’s water. They received Trew Guide books and Trew Maps and Trew Foodbags; they found Trew Stands and Trew Bottles and Trew Baskets and Trew Shoes and Trew Shades. But they did not receive Trew’s food and they were not given Trew’s water or wine, and they were hungry, and they grew hungrier.

They cried out, “Where is the food? Or is it a sham? We are hungry, and we are not satisfied!” And they would be admonished for such an attitude, and told that they should love Trew food and Trew water, for it was all that could satisfy. They were taken to a special area of the Trew Stand where they could be taught to appreciate Trew food, and could draw pictures of what it might look like to them, and could color each other’s pictures.

And some died within sight of Trew’s table, but had not found it.


Give me Jesus, or I die.

Give me the gospel, or I perish.

I don’t need you to be hip or relevant. I don’t need advice on how to eat, nor do I need to be admonished that I should love Jesus, and advice on how to love him more. I don’t need descriptions of what people who love Jesus should look like. I don’t need you to dress him up or make his gospel more attractive. I need you to bring me to him in the gospel, to open his glory before my hungry soul, to press the water of life to my thirsty lips.

Sirs, we would see Jesus.

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One Comment on “Give me Jesus or I perish”

  1. CovenantBride Says:

    i love this…we dont need anything but Jesus Christ…n we dont really know Him until He ‘s all we got…be bless… -g-

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