Wow… well said!

Mark Lauterbach is one of my great favorites in the blogging world. His are the most thoughtful, reflective, gospel-centered, Christ-energized notes. He outdid himself with this post.

Here’s a partial quote:

So, any accommodation of the Gospel to self-help is a denial of the Gospel. The Gospel is humbling because it treats us as helpless and no one likes that (“What do you think I am, an invalid? I can handle it without your help.”) And when I tell people I am teaching them Christianity and all I am doing is putting Jesus name on some self-help schemes, I am preaching another Gospel.

So, what about all the practical? You do have to DO something, don’t you?

Well, yes, but there is a world of difference between dependent, humble application of the Gospel to life and self-sufficient, self-exalting self-help. If people leave my preaching confident in the rules and principles I have given them, I have preached a false Gospel. If they leave the room confident in the faithful grace and power of the Savior to work in them as they seek to obey — I have preached the Gospel.

You really should read the whole thing.

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