Turn on the sunlight

We’re in Vancouver, on a short vacation. It’s a staggeringly beautiful place…when the sun is shining. It’s also a rainforest location. There are a whole lot of dull, listless, misty, grungy days, when even in the midst of such beauty and with the beach only a few steps away, all you want to do is stay inside with a coffee and a good book.

I thought about what it is like to live where the gospel is known, but not always preached. Where Jesus is loved, but not always unveiled.  Where people are given lots of peppy “ought to, and here’s how” talks.  It’s like taking people down to the beach on a rainy, wet, cold day, and telling them to “enjoy the sun”. Give them beach blankets to lie on, and shovels and pails to make sand castles, but don’t give them any sunlight. They might lie on the sand, they might dig and build, but it’ll be just going through the motions and they’d really rather bolt back indoors.  I actually heard a mother saying this to her two young boys:  “We’ve come a long way to enjoy this, and you’re gonna stay here until you do.”

I thought she was joking…she wasn’t.

Bring on the sun, and everything changes.

Turn on the “sun” in the church, and all the “oughts and shoulds” will be heard differently.

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