Cool, clear water

I’ve heard stories — they may be legends, I’ve never verified them — that in the days of wagon trains on the Oregon Trail, the wagons would toil long days through the desert, the oxen growing increasingly thirsty and weary, and finally, near the end, get scent of the river ahead. Oxen that moments earlier seemed as though they could barely move would begin running hard for the river, so much so that the wagon-masters had to be ready to try and control the mad dash and save the wagons from crashing.

If we grant that we sinners are thirsty for living water;

And if we grant that Jesus is the sweetest solace a thirsty sinner can know;

Then it would seem our time as pastors should be greatly spent wondering how we can keep up in the mad dash to know Him and love Him and serve Him. Steering would be our concern, and balancing… not getting the herd moving.

If this is not the case, then either our people haven’t sensed their thirst, or they haven’t yet scented Jesus. Prodding them, coaxing them, showing them how to place their weary feet — these are not the things that will help. Preach their desperate need (of which they may or may not be aware) and then unveil Jesus, in all his person and work — let them get a whiff of him.

Then, just try to steer.

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